Master of Sciences Multimedia Design - School of Computer Engineering
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Master of Sciences
Multimedia Design

Design Communication Study
Enable the students to understand the concepts of design communication in both Semiotics and rhetoric. Topics covered the field of theories and practical which helps to develop the student capability in creation, research and improve their design originality.
Study Of Design & Culture
The aim of this course is via the research and analyzes the culture, which to be the element of the development of design. Through the application of design project to develop the cultural product. It could train the students the ability of analyzing the every cultures and the innovation skill of design.
Green Design
Exploring the guidelines in implementation of principles of reduces, reuse and recycle in process in design. A general review of environment issues and problems, green design policy, green design management and life-cycle design
Design Technology
Explore the technologies used in design, development and implementation of a project instructional setting. Applying the current technologies and consider the impact of future technological developments.
Design Strategy & Branding
Lecture on theories of design strategy that influences branding marketing. This Course presents learners with branding attributes and core value of a brand. In order to achieve an advantageous position in marketing competition, a strategic product planning is compulsory. This course aims to illustrate concept of user experience and knowledge of market segmentation, technology roadmap and product analysis.
Design Research
This module introduces the field of research. It introduces to candidate the various aspects of research, providing practical advice and examines the process. Topics covered data collection techniques, ethical issues in research and theory construction.
Design Seminar
This module will invite guest speakers or industry expertise for special topics including the studies in criticism of design, sharing the design experiences. The Participants are encouraged to have intensive discussion, written reports, or further oral presentation. Efficient opinion exchange would be also expected to derive more extensive interest.
Project Management
The use of project management is becoming more and more important for most organizations. Businesses regularly use project management to accomplish unique outcomes under the constraints of resources. Project management is emerging as one of essential ways of achieving an organization’s strategy. This module is designed to provide students with essential knowledge and understanding of effective project management to ensure that projects are delivered with satisfaction.
Digital Design Project Research
Theory and practice in research and development dealing with the design project is reviewed in the study. For this module, students are required to complete an approved digitized design project with research and design completed under supervision of the assigned supervisor. Projects must represent a meaningful contribution to the field of design base on supportive research.
Graduation Project
Graduate students are encouraged to develop their abilities and personal aesthetic.Graduation project should be in the area of Multimedia Design. The graduation project consists of a master project with written report, final presenting and defending the Master portfolio in front of an audience of experts/ examiners. The graduation project gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate the capability, skills and knowledge in mastering the complete program. Results of the graduation project could be: Results of a research within the field of Multimedia Industries, strategic goals for new media development based on company and market analysis or new design for consumer project.For full time students, it is recommended to present the paper/report/ design in public exhibition or publish in International conference (Oral presentation / Poster Presentation)