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Program's Presentation

École Supérieure de Génie Informatique (ESGI) School of Computer Engineering

Founded in 1983, ESGI is a Graduate School of Computer Engineering. Since then, the school has been tracking the evolutions of IT systems and computers, particularly those applied to companies and more recently those applied to video games design, mobility and e-commerce.

ESGI curriculum is based on delivering solid knowledge in Sciences, technical skills and ability to both face and create innovation, develop and manage companies, nationally and internationally alike.

Whatever the specialization, ESGI provides a unique and valued framework where learning is fun and varied, and every effort is made to ensure a secure, happy, and stimulating learning environment where students are enabled to develop to their full potential.

One of the most essential life skills we cherish is developing an understanding of, and a respect for others. We embrace this concept through nurturing and fostering this respect for one another within both our immediate community and the corporate community so that the notion of Ethics is actualized.


During the first two years of the program, students acquire the core components of computers. Then, eight specialization programs are offered in the third year :


  • >Cloud Computing Network System
  • >Game Development
  • >Web Development
  • >Software Architecture
  • >Web creation, Multimedia & E-communication
  • >Mobile applications engineering
  • >Information Systems Consulting & Management
  • >Network Security


Each of these specializations is available in full-time or co-op education.
At the end of the third year, students are granted by a three-year degree (Bachelor Degree).


ESGI offers seven majors in cop-op education and delivers a two-year graduate degree for those who have been awarded a Bachelor degree :


  • >Cloud Computing Network System
  • >Engineering of Image and Video Games
  • >Web and E-business Engineering
  • >Systems and Network Security
  • >Software Architecture
  • >Mobile applications engineering
  • >Information Systems Consulting & Management
Salle Informatique ESGI

ESGI is fully equipped with ultimate tools for the most innovative teaching :

in partnership with the most renowned computer industries such as Cisco and Apple, powerful systems are available for students who have a free access to various laboratories such as : Apple Laboratory (iMac, iPad, and iPod), Cisco laboratory, UNIX servers, broadband network equipment and the latest versions of relevant industry software.


Adresse : 85 avenue Pierre Grenier – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
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